The Ship


This famous ship was flown by “Uncle” T’Jocbe in the early days of the Zenithian Consortium. Later it became well known in the Free League. In CC61 T’Jocbe handed control of the ship to Tariq Ali

Fast luxurious courier, type III, built at Harima shipyard in the Monolith
Energy Points: 6
Hull Points: 5
Maneuverability: +1
Signature: -1
Armor: 5
Speed: 3
1. Smuggler’s Stash (10 tons)/40 tons regular
2. Docking Station
3. Salvage Station
4. Stasis Hold
5. Cabins, standard (5)
6. Cabin, suite (1)
7. Chapel, +1 for Praying to the Icons
8. Weapon system: Ion Cannon
9. Service Station
10. Medlab, +3 to MEDICURGY
1. Atmospheric Entry: can land and take off from planets with atmosphere
2. Stealth Technology -1 signature and allows the Sensor Operator to Disappear the ship in combat. Engaging the stealth system causes heat buildup inside the ship, which can’t be maintained for too long a time.
3. Turbo Projector +1 manever and speed
Problem: Worn-out ship computer. The ship’s computer has seen better days. When the problem is activated, all PILOT rolls suffer a -1 during a fight or some other event requiring dice rolls.
Cost: 1,820,000 birr

Service costs

- primitive (smaller space stations and remote planets), no penalty due to Service Station module, 3640 birr
- standard (eg. portal stations or sparsely trafficked systems) 1820 birr
- advanced (eg. Coriolis), +1 to TECHNOLOGY roll, 910 birr

Should service after:
- each trip 10 AU or longer
- shorter trips involving portal travel
- after each adventure

Requires a TECHNOLOGY roll. Failure breaks a ship system and costs half. (p. 155)

Ship wear

From failure to service

2D6 System Effect
2-3 Sensors -1 to Sensor rolls
4-5 Reactor -1 EP
6-7 Thrusters -1 to PILOT rolls
8-9 Weapon System -1 to RANGED COMBAT rolls
10 Graviton Projector All actions in space combat cost 1 extra EP
11-12 Random module -1 to use if applicable, otherwise reduced functionality decided by the GM.

The Ship

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